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    Funniest things people have asked you for



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    Funniest things people have asked you for

    Post  Admin on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:24 pm

    Just a bit of fun here! Laughing What's one of the strangest requests you have ever had - dog related of course!!!

    A lady rang me last week, has a border terrier which is attacking other dogs (badly - rippiing skin etc). Would I take him in and put him with my dogs to see if they would teach him a lesson!

    Yeah!!! Suggested a muzzle for starters but she didn't like that idea!


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    Re: Funniest things people have asked you for

    Post  Lisa on Mon Mar 29, 2010 2:29 pm

    Frequently when taking calls about dog reactive dogs the question goes something like......

    "so are you bringing your dog along so I can show you what my dog does?"

    Answer - chances slim!!!

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    Re: Funniest things people have asked you for

    Post  Carole.T on Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:16 pm

    Not so much as a questions, but a couple of dog-related experiences come to mind;

    1) One dog that I walked at a Centre, wouldn't let me out of the kennel (sat in front of the door growling at me!) I tried all sorts, tried to get it to respond to various commands as it had been trained apparently. It turned out that the previous owners had been Egyptian and the dog only knew commands in Egyptian. Now, why did I leave my Egyptian/English phrasebook at home that day?! I got out by lobbing all the treats I had over the dog and the back of the kennel, then legged it while he was distracted! Funnily enough on the next visit - he quite liked me and we had no further problems! (It's name was 'Doggo' would you believe)

    2) Had a dog in class at the DogsTrust, again had some training from what we knew but every time we or the new owner asked Sit, the dog would lay down and every time we asked for a Down, it would sit - maybe the previous owner was dyslexic?! (Apologies to those who may be of course).

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    Re: Funniest things people have asked you for

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