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    COAPE Courses - any one any opinions on them?


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    COAPE Courses - any one any opinions on them?

    Post  JoDog on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:08 pm

    Hi Guys,
    I think I'm probably posting in the wrong section (Please feel free if you want to move it to a more relevant spot) but I'm wondering if any one on here has any experience of any of the COAPE courses? As a newbie to the education side I had looked at these at the time when I was choosing the type I preferred and decided to go with COMPASS as it seemed more down my street and also logisticly as I'm based in Ireland and have small children as well as all the rescue mutts and puds, it seemed a lot easier to study and suited my lifestyle at the moment.
    I'm just really curious to hear other peoples opinions on the COAPE courses and what there like, as over here I'd see quite a few professionals working in the Irish market that have completed these COAPE courses.
    Compared say to the AD Dip in Compass- are there any big differances? Just really curious as I find it very hard to find any reviews etc about them
    Thanks Guys Smile

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