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    more books for sale


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    more books for sale

    Post  wolfgsd on Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:55 am

    some canine, some animal behaviour

    Practical Scent dog Training Lue Button (good condition but some water staining on top edge) £5

    Scent and scent dog trianing by William Syrotuck (as new) £5

    Coercion and its fallout by Murray Sidman RARE (good condition for its age) £30

    Canine Nutrition by William Cusick (good condition but some water staining on top edge) £5

    Positive reinforcement:training dogs in the real world by Brenda Aloff (good condition but some highlighting in the glossary) £10

    Search and rescue dogs: training the k9 hero by American rescue dog association (good condition) £8

    Scent training to track search and rescue by pearsall and verbruggen (good condition, minor staining along the edge) £10

    Search dog training by sadny bryson (good condition) £5

    Training the disaster search dog by Shirley hammond (good condition) £10

    Handbook of animal assited therapy by aubrey fine (v good condition) £15

    Wanted! animal volunteers by Mary Burch (good condition) £8

    Dog Tricks step by step by mary ann rombold zeigenfuse (v good cond) £5

    Tracking from the beginning by gary patterson (v good cond) £20

    Therapy dogs by kathy diamond davis (v good cond) £10

    Animal behaviour (3rd edition) David McFarland (as new) £20

    Biostatistics how it works by steven selvin (as new) £15

    Modern statistics for the life sciences by alan grafen and rosie hails (as new) £15

    An introduction to animal behaviour (5th edition) by manning and stamp dawkins (good cond, some staining on hte edges) £10

    Its me or teh dog by victoria stilweel (as new) £10

    understanding your dog by barbara sykes (as new) £10

    the dog whisperer by graeme sims (as new) £10

    the only dog tricks book you'll ever need by gerilyn bielakiewicz (as new) £3

    measuring behaviour by martin and bateson (3rd edition) as new £8

    veterinary medical terminology (2nd edition) by dawn christenson (as new) £10

    Click and easy by mirriam fields-babineau (as new) £10

    Domestic animla behavior (4th edition) by katherine a houpt (as new) £20

    dog health and nutrition for dummies by christine zink (v good cond) £10

    Teaching dog obedience classes by volhard and fisher RARE (as new) £30

    click and play agility by angelica steinker (as new) £15

    the emotional lives of animals by mark bekoff (hardback) as new £10

    the emotional lives of animals by mark bekoff (paperback) as new £8

    Clicker gundog by helen phillips (good condition) £15

    the canine thyroid epidemic by jean dodds (excellent condition)n £10

    packing and postage extra and will depend on the weight of the books you purchase.

    Payment by paypal, bank transfer or cash


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