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    training v behaviour problems


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    training v behaviour problems

    Post  olwen on Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:25 pm

    is it just me or does everyone get people who want to bring their dog training and as you work through the questions you discover that it's a 3yr old dog who's been left to it's own devices and suddenly the owners have decided to do something or that it's a dog who "needs to come as s/he doesn't like other dogs and needs to socialise"?

    What do you do about the latter? I find it hard to say "what you need is a behaviour consultation which is £X for an hour not a 6 week course that will stress out the dog and the others in the class" as I know that the dog needs input.

    My pet peeves (no pun intended) are the owners who have seen something on TV and tried to copy it, making the dog wary and defensive but they are now calling it dominant and aggressive.

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    Re: training v behaviour problems

    Post  Carole.T on Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:40 pm

    I don't get involved with classes at present, but my take on it is that, there has been some sort of recent incident and either this frightened the owners in that they may be reported. Or some-one may have had a go at them for their dog's behaviour or there may be changes in the family (baby, kids, elderly etc) that now, the dog may be a risk?

    I am going to see a lady tomorrow for a training session only (plenty to work on). They paid the Vet behaviourist megabucks for one visit a couple of years ago, to deal with dog>dog aggression. It makes you wonder what have they been doing in the past 2 years then, if not following the Behaviour Modification Plan? They are fully aware this is not a Behavioural visit (they are short on cash it seems - aren't we all?), but hopefully carrying out some training exercises and making them focus on the dog's behaviour more will spur them on re: the BMP that was left with them (IF they still have it).

    In reality, it seems to me so far, that when you visit for what is requested as 'training', it is a 'behaviour' issue - just as those you mention who come to class and expect all their dog's problems to be sorted in the 6/8 week course!! Though the type you mention are not the best candidates for classes are they, nor fair on the other dogs.

    Whatever route they take, at least they are trying to get the dog sorted out (though maybe not always for the right reasons!) and hopefully the dog benefits too?



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